By checking the box, we hereby authorize our team to attend and participate in the tournament.

I know of no mental or physical problem that may affect our players ability to safely participate in the tournament.

In consideration for my teams participation in the basketball tournament, I hereby release and hold harmless Michael Myers, and any other coaches or persons that may be assisting them or the said tournaments, and their respective employees and agents of W.I.N Basketball Club, from any and all claims, costs, damages, charges or demands that our team or I may have or that may arise as a result of our teams participation in the tournaments, including transportation to and from the tournament, games, other activities while at the tournament or in connection with the said tournament. The coach or persons in charge of the team /or the tournament are authorized to seek medical assistance as necessary in the event of injury accident or illness
to any player on the team.

Acknowledged as per Coach or Team Manager’s Consent